Would you like to live in a Tiny House Community?

Our community is designed to have very little to no negative impact on the environment. Using sustainable energy sources like wind and solar are encouraged as is composting, recycling and gardening.

HONESTY    ~    INTEGRITY      ~       QUALITY

The greatest savings are gained if you can get involved prior to construction for a few reasons. One is because you will be rewarded with the best price point offered. Once construction begins, interest increases because it is obvious to drive-by traffic that a tiny house community is being constructed and potential customers begin to stop in regularly.

There is no obligation to be added to our Waiting List at this point. Once we get closer to starting the tiny community project, we will contact everyone on the Waiting List to provide the following information:

  • Community Location
  • Lot sizes
  • Lot Prices
  • Tiny House Model Options with prices
  • Financing Options and Down Payments
  • Deposit information
  • Estimated Completion Date
You will be provided with all the information required to select your tiny house lot, tiny house model type and pay your deposit to hold the lot. Space is limited and the total number of available lots will depend on the size of the property we purchase in the Prescott, Arizona area. If you have additional questions, please contact us for the answers before you decide to sign up for the Waiting List.

Things are finally changing!

Tiny house communities are popping up all over the world! Zoning regulations are changing to allow for Tiny Houses, in many places for the first time. How does this growing trend affect you if you want to live in one? For a long time now, housing developments have been constructed based on the model floor plans that each development offers. The homes are constructed by the Licensed & Bonded Contractor that has partnered with the developers of each project.  Each development typically uses a different contractor, one that is dedicated to only building for the current community project. Tiny house communities these days are very similar in that the developers are partnering with specific Tiny House Construction companies to build the tiny houses for a particular community project.

How does this affect a potential client interested in living in the new community?

If you don’t already own a Tiny House On Wheels than it may not affect you, however, if you do already own one than there are some things you should know. Many new tiny home communities have adopted Rules and Regulations that govern that community and all future residents will have to agree to these in writing when reserving their lot in that community. The value and enjoyment of any community is affected by how well the community and homes are maintained. One way to manage this is to only allow brand new homes that are built by the community contractor into the community. Therefor, those who own a tiny house on wheels and wish to park it in a tiny house community may find less and less opportunities because of these changing regulations.

No Obligation          ~        No Cost To Be Added          ~       Remove Yourself Anytime

Stay informed on our Brand New Tiny House Community ……

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