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We are adding to our list of Frequently Asked Questions all the time. If you don’t see the answer to your question, please  email us so we can update our pages. Thank you for your participation in making this the greatest Tiny House Marketplace ever!

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Tiny Living

Information on a tiny living lifestyle

Sustainable Living

Ways that living tiny helps the environment

Tiny Mortgage?

A Guide on tiny house financing

Tiny & Valuable

A Guide on insuring a tiny house

To Certify or Not To Certify

A Guide on what it means to Certify a Build


A Collection of Tiny Ideas Making A Big Impact

Storage is one the greater challenges in the tiny living lifestyle. Organization helps in so many ways. I for one like to know where my stuff is but it also helps the space feel bigger if it is neat and tidy. Check out these creative ways to stay organized. Do you have an idea to share? Please email us a photo and we might feature here! Check it out….

The History of The Tiny House

It seems that Tiny Living has been a trend for decades. Why did homes get so large and what brought about the change to less square footage?  Find out now….


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