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Los Angeles ADUs And Movable Tiny Homes

See Regulations on County website

San Luis Obispo

See Regulations on County website

The Community Development Department recently updated its Zoning Regulations which included provisions for Tiny Homes on Wheels in the backyard of on a site with an owner-occupied single-family residence. A single-family residence (Single-Unit Dwelling) is defined as a dwelling unit designed for occupancy by one household which is not attached to or located on a lot with commercial uses or other dwelling units. Tiny Homes on Wheels are also referred to as Recreational Vehicles (RV) according to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), and are required to receive certification from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and registration by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Washington State Inspection And Certification

See Regulations on County website

The Following Sourced From The Washington State Department Of Labor And Industries’ Website:

A tiny house is a dwelling that may be built on wheels and is no larger than 400 square feet, including a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping/living area, and must be built to the Washington State Building Code. The approval process for a tiny house depends on where it’s built.

On this page, you can determine whether you need the approval of construction plans and inspections from L&I or the local building department where the house is being built.

  • If you’re building a structure with wheels, that’s not a tiny house as described above, then you may be building a recreational vehicle or park model. We inspect and regulate these units. You will need to contact your local building department to find out where it can be located or placed. See our bulletin for additional clarification on units L&I regulates.
  • If you’re purchasing a manufactured home of any size, including a tiny manufactured home, then you will need to contact local building department department to find out where it can be located.
  • If you’re building a tiny house somewhere OTHER than where it will be occupied and used, then see the Building a Tiny House tab.

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